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3 Things to Know About Fertility Doctors


1. Do not be humiliated or feel as though you are alone in this position. Many men and women in the United States are going through the same thing you are. Find a fertility clinic with a support group to assist you with this journey.

2. All fertility clinics are not suitable for your needs. It is critical to maintain contact with your doctor. You want to feel as though you are being cared for in a tough circumstance. Also, don't base your decision just on a clinic's success percentage; a clinic may have a high success rate because it only accepts "easy" patients. Always look for a doctor that can cater to your specific needs.

3. Treatment can be quite expensive, so check to see if your insurance covers some of the costs. Payment arrangements and special incentives vary by clinic. Always check with the clinic's personnel to learn what payment options are available.


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